Evolution From "Gold To Paper Money" And To Date Evolve To "Digital currency".

Evolution From "Gold To Paper Money" And To Date Evolve To "Digital currency".

WishDD is a leading exchange development agency. We focus on the big picture to deliver solutions for the path ahead. WishDD is an eminent Blockchain company that provides Cryptocurrency exchange platforms to help buyers and sellers perform transactions with Cryptocurrency. It will be financially secure and highly reliable.

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A Suite Of Powerful Exchange Features

Partnered with us means choosing trusted exchange developers. We are with you every step of the success and more. Besides, we're not technical developers, we're creative minds providing outstanding exchange features.

1,00000 transactions per second

Implement the best platform to provide higher TPS. The higher the TPS is providing the better trading experiences.

Custom User interface

We deliver customized UI for exchange. This allows you to make the necessary changes as needed. The administrator is entitled to make possible changes to the user interface.

Bot-enabled Support Center

An integrated "Bot Support Center" guarantees prompt customer service. This will automatically respond to customer inquiries and problems.

Multi-layer securities

We are developing an additional layer of security SSL implementation, an exchange using two-factor authentication.

Powerful Trade Match Engine

Our powerful trading engine matches real-time orders. It runs machine learning trading patterns to trade faster than ever before.

Automatic KYC

With advanced KYC tools, users can start trading with a simple thumb check. Customer Due Diligence (CDD) saves time for KYC verification.

Enjoy Trading From One Screen

A powerful trading engine for one-click trading solutions with an attractive user interface. It provides access to candles, traders, open orders, and other features.

User Reports

User Reports

Users can also view reports to track trading volumes, investments and profits.

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple Payment Methods

We offer many payment and withdrawal methods for quick transactions.

Daily Profit and Loss

Daily Profit and Loss

The interface provides daily profit and loss reports for measurements.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

We are adding real-time notifications to let you know what is happening in the market right now.

Live Market Data

Live Market Data

Our AI trading bots respond to live market conditions with a real-time market system.

Trade-in just one click

Trade-in just one click

Experience the fastest trading engine ever with the one-click trading option.

Converted to a mobile app

Converted to a mobile app

It provides a pocket exchange for a seamless trading experience. Integrate all-powerful exchange features into mobile application.

Secure and easy login

Secure and easy login

To prioritize user safety, we use a secure and fast login system to protect your data from third parties.

Most Trusted Exchange Control Panel

Control multiple things with the fast-working admin panel includes the user's KYC, orders, new ICO lists, transaction fees, and more.

User Onboarding

This automatic user boarding feature helps you easily track onboard users. Get the full details of the onboard user.

KYC Verification

One tap KYC verification to complete the KYC under banking supervisory standards. It also meets customer due diligence (CDD) requirements.

Multiple User Access

We offer access options to multiple accounts to simplify the management of exchanges.

Reporting Engine

Build an advanced reporting engine that produces multiple types of reports. You can also customize the reporting system in the administration panel.


We use SHA -256 encryption to ensure the security and privacy of users.

Token representations

You can exchange multiple tokens at the same time. However, the encrypted token transaction is served successfully.

Escrow services

The coin exchange feature between buyers and sellers with third-party sources. We empower the safe trade of cryptos all around the world.

Multi-Accounts access

The deployed exchange has several sub-management features for managing the exchange. You can add many sub-administrators with specific duties. You can also easily track each user.


Comes with a pool of language options to improve usability around the world.

Meet Our ”Anti-hacking” System of exchange

We create an "Anti-breaching" security system to prevent hacking attempts. Our developers write code to ensure secure transaction. We use more than 30 security technologies to provide an unbreakable security system.

Powerful Trade Match Engine

Our powerful trading engine matches real-time orders. It runs machine learning trading patterns to trade faster than ever before.

Jail Login

It deters the multiple failed attempts for a specific amount of time. As a result, it avoids unusual login attempts.

HTTP Authentication

This secures HTTP authentication tokens for user approvals.

Server-Side Request forgery protection

It keeps the system safe and avoids attacks that are sent from pregnable web sources.

Anti-distributed denial of service (DDOS)

Protects the exchange in case an unexpected amount of traffic is coming from different sources.

HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

Prevent the web attacks that create HTTP getting the information.

Additional Cryptocurrency Exchange Features

Trading features

Order book
Advanced tools
Real-time market activities
24/7 trade
Group order book
Leverage the trade
Time and sales
Fill the pending orders
Trading features Trading features
Interface features Interface features

Interface features

Eye-catching coloring
Day-night mode availability
Customize layouts
Many workplaces
Web and desktop-based platform

Other features

Deposits and withdrawals
Compatible converter
Crypto wallet available
Other features Other features

Components of Cryptocurrency Exchange