Software Products

Software Products

Software Development Team is pleased to offer a few of long-awaited software products as an outcome of its best IT practices and great custom software development experiences for a number of years. Customers’ feedback on what we developed for them gave us good confidence to introduce our custom made products..

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Our Products

WishDD Solution

WishDD Solution is a software solution that is developed to better manage all the concerned resources within the business domain. WishDD solution is an integration of multiple software modules one for each business domain/resource. All...

Human Resource Management (HRMS/HRIS)

HRMS is the core of IT infrastructure within an organization. It is focused on Human Resource and developed around the needs to manage it. It includes mainly: Employees’ Profiles, Leave/Attendance Management and Payroll...

Inventory Management System

A software equipped with all the features required to maintain and manage stock or inventory of every type. It is intelligent enough to keep track of Safety stock, reorder levels, Barcodes, Units of measurements, multiple...


Point of Sale is a software module to manage inventory that is focused on quick billing against purchased items, usually integrated with a barcode device to identify labeled items and a printer...


It is your online recruitment agent to serve you throughout the process of new hiring: announcing a job vacancy, defining criteria, receiving CVs, shortlisting, commenting and remarks, Calling for interviews and managing the...


Supply Management system is an integration of software modules to manage demands (via requisition), choosing the supplier, Purchasing, Receiving, Payments, Issuance or Sales and Accounts. All these modules have one single target:...

Why WishDD Why WishDD

Why WishDD

We Offer Ease Through Our Software Solutions.
Understand & Meet Your Requirements Really Well.
Ease-Of-Use With Effectiveness And Efficiency.
Our Solutions Are Based On Web-Technologies.
We Already Have Developed Successful Software Solutions.

Rich End-User Experience

Given Below. These Roles Are Defined According To The Scope Of The Software Application.